The P Word Party – Boulder Pride’s Fundraiser With an Attitude

May 18, 2010

For Immediate Release

P-Word Presents our 3rd Annual Womyn’s Benefit:  Sexy 70s – Lez Get it On!  Join us for this Psychedelic Protest and Politically infused defiant disco including DJ’s, Cabaret, Drag & Art to Benefit Boulder’s Premier LGBT Organization in Boulder County.

Time:  9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Date: Saturday, June 5, 2010
Location: 2961 Broadway Street, Boulder CO 80304
Ages: 21+/ ID Required

Tickets: $20/in advance online at or $25/at the door
Costumes are strongly encouraged and drag is mandatory for all men!  Volunteers and Willing donators for the event please email or call 303-499.5777 for more information.

Come mingle for a good cause, Reconnect with Boulder Pride and our recent work in the community, and get involved. 100% of proceeds go to Boulder  501.c.3

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New Gay Pages Denver Guide

May 12, 2010

Welcome to the first ever online business directory of its kind for the Colorado LGBT
.  Available anywhere anytime!

We at justQme are dedicated to providing a resource for the gay and lesbian community that is built upon the following core values:

INTEGRITY:  We carefully screen our potential advertisers to assess a good fit with the GLBT community. We ask the tough questions, are you a gay-friendly business? Do you offer same sex partnership benefits to your employees? What aligns you with the gay and lesbian population in Colorado? We provide a place for you as the customer to let us know how well we did in our screening process. Ask the questions, and let us know about your experiences with listed businesses by logging into our blog.

INCLUSION:  We at justQme work to align the LGBT community by extending out to our supporters and affiliates from all walks of life. We offer educational GLBT customer service training to businesses and their employees upon request and need.

INNOVATION:  We are at the forefront of our industry with innovative products backed up with innovative practice and thinking. We are committed to helping our gay owned businesses and gay and transgendered friendly businesses reach success through online and off marketing campaigns in Colorado and beyond. We are here to create a circle of giving between the LGBT community and those who support us.  JustQMe is also involved in the Pridefest Denver events.  Check us out!

Gay VS Gay-Friendly?

April 20, 2010

As professional travel consultants, we are often asked by our GLBT travelers, “What’s the difference
between a hotel that’s Gay and one that’s Gay-Friendly?”
My simple answer is…”Look at the clientele staying at the hotel.”
If they are all GLBT, then you have a gay hotel. Or you have a lesbian hotel, or a hotel that accepts our
entire community. This means the hotel management takes reservations only from GLBT people.
If only a few of the hotel’s patrons are GLBT, then you have a gay-friendly hotel. In this case,
management and staff will not discriminate against you. However, that’s no guarantee the other hotel
patrons won’t.

Before booking yourself in this hotel or on that cruise ship, you need to ask yourself just how far “Out”
you want to be on this trip. If you want to be able to display your affection at the pool or in the dining
room, (or even go “topless or bottomless”), then you need to find a gay-owned (or at least gay-
managed) hotel or B&B at your destination. Most of the time, true gay hotels are smaller and they may
not be located conveniently to the beach, museums or other sight-seeing venues. But, that’s one of the
trade-offs. You have to decide what’s more important to you before embarking on your trip.
How about children? Perhaps you enjoy larger, mainstream hotels (with all the services and preferred
locations) but you don’t want to vacation with children. I get it!  And, so can you!
One of the newest developments in the hotel industry is the growing acceptance of family pets.
Remember, “Look at the clientele staying at the hotel.” If you can relate to them, then you will most
likely have a good time.


Check them out at Pridefest Denver

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Pridefest Denver 2010 and JustQMe

April 6, 2010

Denver Pride Fest 2010 is coming up and is helping! We are asking our colorado gay friendly and gay owned businesses within the wedding industry to show your support.  We are here to provide a resource to help the GLBT community find gay wedding sites and gay wedding services here in Colorado.  If a wedding vendor is truly a fit, they will pay to advertise to say “ I am a supporter of gay marriage rights in Colorado”.  Gay marriage is not legal in Colorado, but that does not mean we are avoiding making commitments to each other to express our love and build our lives.

Commitment ceremonies in Mountains, in Denver, in Boulder, in Pueblo happen on a regular basis. Join us at Pride Fest this year to find the wedding vendors that truly believe love is equal. These are vendors that support you in your marriage and in your commitment through your lifetime partnership. Find gay and lesbian commitment ceremony vendors at Pride Fest in Denver by looking for commitment ceremony row. We are the Gay Colorado Wedding Guide! Vendors participating in this event have been asked the tough questions to ensure a good fit, you are in good hands and we stand behind our gay colorado commitment ceremony vendors in justQme with confidence!

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Add Your Business Listings To An Online GLBT Colorado Directory

November 13, 2009

The slow economy in Colorado requires businesses to find new markets to open up their products and services to. One lucrative market to expand a business to, especially online, is the Colorado gay and lesbian community. The GLBT community in Colorado offers a diverse and strong base that is exceedingly loyal to those businesses that support the GLBT community. The total buying power of the community is in the billions of dollars, so it is easy to see how lucrative a market it is.

1. Percentage of GLBT members online is higher than heterosexuals

More than half (55%) of gay and lesbian respondents in a recent survey by Harris Interactive report that they read some type of blog – compared with only 38% of heterosexuals. Also, there has been a consistent increased internet usage amongst the GLBT community, which will be about 84% of the adult GLBT population by 2010.

“In several years capturing trends, we see again that gays and
lesbians are not only looking to stay well informed but also to expand their key social, professional and personal connections online,” from Witeck-Combs Communications.

2. GLBT’s are more likely to use social networking sites

The GLBT community tends to be online more than the non-GLBT community. 55% of gay and lesbian adults say they are members of Facebook, compared with 46% of heterosexual adults.

This means, their online social networks are stronger and they have more influence amongst their online peers which can bring more exposure to your business in the form of referral and 3rd party endorsements… a very, very powerful form of marketing that can’t be bought. The local GLBT community will more likely find your listing in an online GLBT Colorado directory.

3. The GLBT community is very loyal to those businesses that support them

The trends and findings are there that for the Colorado GLBT Community, loyalty is much higher than among the non-GLBT community. This is significant because Colorado has over 320,000 GLBT consumers based on the US Census Bureau. In these studies, Colorado’s GLBT buying power is 10.6 Billion Dollars per year & Growing! (Harris Interactive/Witeck Combs Communications Survey 2006.) Another statistic states that GLBT Consumers: 87% have switched brand loyalty to support companies that market
directly to the GLBT Community – (Witeck Combs
Communications Market This enormous percentage reveals how loyal the GLBT community can be to supportive businesses.

For a business wanting to grow during slow economic times in Colorado, expanding into the GLBT community is the way to go. There are some good reasons why expanding into the Colorado gay and lesbian community is a smart move. To find out where to begin, start with one of the higher end online GLBT Colorado directories

Join the online GLBT Colorado Directory that is designed to bring the most exposure to your business both online and offline at this Online GLBT Colorado Directory.

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GLBT Colorado Directory – A List of Resources

October 26, 2009

There are a number of GLBT directories based out of Colorado.  I’m not talking about the national ones that have listings in Colorado, but the ones that are owned and operated through a Colorado-based company.

The directories  vary from purpose and function.  There are some for social events, and others for the community to find GLBT friendly businesses.  Here is the GLBT Colorado Directory List:

Out Front Colorado
Out Front Colorado – Colorado’s Largest GLBT Publication
Find gay, lesbian, bisexual, & transgender friendly businesses in Colorado
Gay Denver
Denver Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Business and Resource Directory, Recreation Guide, and Tourist Information kit provides valuable free information about Gay-owned & Gay-friendly business
Information on clubs, restaurants, business directory, classified, personals, special events and much more.

These are the main LGBT Colorado Directories that cover the front range cities from Ft Collins to Colorado Springs and many of the Mountain towns as well as on the western slope.

GLBT Colorado – A New MultiMedia Online Directory

October 23, 2009

There is a new multimedia online directory in the works for gay and lesbian friendly businesses in the Denver Colorado area is about to be published.  This directory will exclusively focus on businesses that are inclusive of the Colorado GLBT (LGBT) community as well as provide a friendly environment not only for their gay and lesbian customers, but the LGBT employees as well.

Each business that will be listed in the directory will have been interviewed by a staff member of the directory and will have been taken through a questionnaire to determine what their policies are on customers, workplace, employees and their non-profit support as well.  The GLBT Colorado community is becoming more cohesive and the desire to show their support to businesses who support the GLBT community is ever-present.